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List of products by manufacturer Ozonomatic System S.r.l.

Ozonomatic System S.r.l.

The OZONOMATIC System LTD began as a producer of portable and whirlpool systems with twenty years of experience in distribution in Italy.An Italian brand, with a desire to succeed in the world as a synonym for quality, which does not consider massage a "status symbol", but a natural system for the psycho-physicalThe entire production is carried out at the plant of our partner RO.SA. San Dona di Piave (Venice). The assembly lines are technologically advanced with special focus on research and development.The attention to detail and selection of raw materials (of high quality) give us the impetus to go on the road so far undertaken, ensuring all 'OZONOMATIC a long life.The confidence we have, we are confirmed every day by all our customers who choose to live a better quality of life through the use of our products.A success that continues over time, because the work that gives life to our products, we put all our professionalism and expertise to find the right balance with respect for nature and improving our wellbeing.


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