Hydrotherapy ozonized "Jolly Med" is a medical CE

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The Hydrotherapy ozonized Jolly Med is a Medical and CE approved by the Ministry of Health to: HYDROTHERAPY OZONIZED registered in Class IIa 0476 93/42
It 'sa product completely ""MADE IN ITALY"" the result of extensive research and experience in the field of health and well-being, in complete synergy with the company RO.SA. our manufacturing partners, with more than 800 employees, allows us to assume international dimensions. Our systems can be used in any Jacuzzi bathtub.
All models are electronic, digital, with the possibility of being remote controlled comfortably from 'inside of the bathtub, and with preset programs targeted for a final result.
The sweetness of the whirlpool Jolly Med is based on the principles of medical and philosophical tradition of non-invasive.
The power we give to the bathroom is to create beneficial effects to the human body, stimulating and oxygenating the blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, toning muscles, relaxing the nervous tension.
The whirlpool Jolly Med, is the easiest way to heal the body worn out from the stress from daily tensions, anxieties of small and large problems every day. And 'the idea that enriches your bathroom, turning it into a few minutes in an inexhaustible source of well-being.
The ozonized bath, used consistently, is one of the most effective treatments to find the right balance to your body.
Used to successfully treat the sequelae of chronic venous diseases of - peripheral vascular disease;
in spas: for arthritis and skin diseases;
in physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers: for the rehabilitation of the limbs as a result of trauma;
in beauty salons: to tone and firm the body, preventing and helping to fight cellulite and skin blemishes such as acne and points blacks.
Love your body is the first ""secret"" for the beauty and health of themselves. Today, for many of us, the circulation of blood in the periphery is stopped or slowed down due to the poor quality of life that we live, but if you want to boost circulation reaches the extreme parts of the body, to the fingers of the hands and feet after each treatment whirlpool lie down for a few minutes on the bed and well covered.
The dream of transforming your bathroom to enjoy the great pleasure of ozone with Jolly Med in a moment is reality.
Awaken your pores, get involved with emotions.

Chromotherapy: Chromotherapy is a function independent of the functions of the Jolly MED
and as such can be activated at any time by pressing the button on the remote control.
The user can associate with any of the functions of the device the desired color.
The lighting will last 10 'more than any massage program chosen,
then turn off automatically.

Activator circulatory Revitalizing; immunomodulatory. Promotes the release and use of oxygen body.
Dermatology: Herpes zoster and simplex Acne, Eczema, Lipodistro_a (Cellulite)
INTERNAL MEDICINE: Hepatitis, Crohn's disease.
NEPHROLOGY DIALYSIS: Adjuvant in the treatment of ischemic pathologies metabolic osteoarticular concomitant treatment of long
NEUROLOGY: Cluster headache; Depression; neurovascular diseases
DENTISTRY: caries treatment and disinfection postoperative ONCOLOGY: Adjuvant radiation therapy or chemotherapy for
increase of p O2 interstitial the neoplastic tissue.
Rheumatology Orthopaedics: Herniated disc, articular rheumatism, Lumbago, Gonarthrosis
ANGIOLOGY PHLEBOLOGY: Insuffcienza venous, diabetic ulcer, ulcer post-ebitica
The motor body is easily applicable within any bathroom. With the appropriate sta_a, is positioned on the wall in total safety
The tube _essibile / _no extensible to 3 meters, connects the motor body to the mat that is modular and fully articulated. Conforms to the shape of
any bath and with its suction cups, remains perfectly adhering to the bottom of the tub.
Well over 300 holes will create millions of tiny bubbles of oxygen and ozone.

cristina, pisa


bagno defaticante, rilassante, rigenerante....... pelle morbida e levigata! e se siete esigenti al termine del bagno si puo' recuperare l' acqua per lavare i capelli e renderli lucenti e districati.

    Lorenzo da Santa Croce sull'Arno (PI)

    Un amico

    Un amico me lo ha prestato per il mio mal di schiena, e dopo solo tre giorni sono corso a comprarlo... veramente efficace

      Antonio da Catania


      Davvero come avere un centro termale in casa.

        Angelo da Massa

        Alle terme

        Sembra di essere alle terme, ed invece sono a casa mia.

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          Hydrotherapy ozonized "Jolly Med" is a medical CE

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