"OzonRelive Body Oil PLUS
Organic Ozonated Olive Oil 40%
with Vitamin E, Calendula and alpha-lipoic acid"

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OzonRelive by Ozonomatic

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We have enhanced the formula Ozonrelive Body Oil with Calendula and two new natural elements
Alpha-lipoic acid.
The Calendula, thanks to the presence of carotenes, blocks the effects of searing sunlight, reducing
the intensity and the timing of the redness.
The 'alpha-lipoic acid known universal antioxidant, protects the skin, increasing the vitality of the tissues.
Prevents the formation of toxins that age the skin and alter collagen. Clinical studies show
that not enough 12 weeks to improve the photo-aging of the skin.
Ozonrelive Body Oil Plus, oxygenates the skin.
Counteracts skin aging and the formation of age spots and wrinkles,
particularly suitable even after sun exposure.
Intensifies and evens your tan, moisturizing ""effect antispellatura.""
Ozonrelive Body Oil Plus is pleasantly scented, ideal for use
daily and throughout the body, both for exposed areas which continue to remain
exposed (face, neck, décolleté, arms and legs), which for the most delicate parts
(Breasts, buttocks).
Stop the occurrence of free radicals, soothes itching.
It moisturizes and nourishes the skin in depth eliminates the annoying phenomenon of scaling
skin. Great after sports, speeds recovery by removing physical
lactic acid.

Content - 200 ml
Stability closed product - 30 months
Stability open product - 6 months.
Ozonation time - 24 h
Concentration of Ozonated Oil 40%
It 'better to keep in the refrigerator

Ozonized Olive Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Calendula officinalis Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate,
Thioctic Acid, Parfum
A Beauty from the Heart Antico:
Since ancient times the virtues of olive oil were appreciated in the field of medicine and cosmetics: Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks were aware of the healing properties and strove as a medicine to soothe their wounds or to disinfect and even more so as Product for the beauty: to create perfumes, creams, ointments, balms be used to soften the skin, for massage, refresh and rub the body.

In Egyptian papyrus Ebers, medical and scientific content, is a recipe wrinkle base of olive oil for skin care of the beautiful Egyptian. The Egyptians of all walks of life and both men and women were held in high esteem the appearance and care of the body, the ancient Egyptians are considered the inventors of cosmetics, which, for the first time in human history, will be practiced according to rules and recipes and precise in the usual way.


Veramente ottimo

Un olio fantastico .

Avevo un piccolo taglio sulla mano l'ho applicato per due giorni consecutivi e il taglio si è risarcito subito ..... Spettacolo

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    "OzonRelive Body Oil PLUS
    Organic Ozonated Olive Oil 40%
    with Vitamin E, Calendula and alpha-lipoic acid"

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